Prevent healthcare data breaches before they happen

Eliminate employee and business associate related security incidents

Privacy failure is a huge cost center for healthcare

Percent of hospitals with a data breach in the last 2 years


Annual cost of US healthcare data breaches

$6.2 billion

Average number of healthcare records breached per year

16 million

Technology to eliminate patient data risk

Continuously manage the spread of protected health data (PHI) in your enterprise

Get PHI redaction tools to proactively control your risk

New technology to stop unforced security errors from employees and business associates

Visualize PHI data transmission in real-time across your entire network

Continuously analyze and proactively manage your organizational risk

Doctrly just works

Start by securing your existing HL7, FHIR and API projects

Easy to run on-premise or in the cloud

Get up and running in just 5 minutes

Doctrly changes the way heathcare thinks about data

Eliminate tension between protecting patient privacy and utilizing advanced technology

Improve project velocity for in-house and 3rd-party projects

Provide transparency to stakeholders on the ways data is being used in your organization