Stop spraying patient data around your organization

Prevent employee and business associate security risk. Use technology to enforce data security policies.

Reducing the amount of sensitive data in your organization dramatically reduces institutional ePHI risk.

Redact sensitive data at the field level automatically

A content-aware HTTP and HL7 proxy allows health security professionals to redact PHI granularly, on a per project basis.

Per-field access control of PHI

Health systems need flexiblity to move sensitive data - both from inside the organization and increasingly with cloud-based software. Doctrly gives healthcare professionals policy control of access to each PHI field on a per-application basis. Giving projects exactly the data they need and nothing more.

Vizualize real-time PHI dataflow and risk analysis

Data flow analytics allow security professionals to vizualize PHI flowing in-to, out-of and around their organization. Doctrly calculates the amount of outstanding risk by way of PHI exposure and allows you to take proactive steps to correct.

Flexible, federated authentication

In addition to our standard OAuth 2.0-based token authentication system, Doctrly provides easy integration options for single signon solutions including LDAP, SAML and Active Directory. Use your existing groups to secure access both to your applications as well as the data infrastruture, itself.

Run on-premise or in the cloud

Doctrly is compatible with all meaningful-use certified EHRs. Choose your preferred method of deployment; via the cloud or as an on-premise virtual appliance.